Saturday, March 3, 2007


Welcome to my blog!

I've set up this blog becasue I'm so excited about the changes taking place in my life and I want to share them. We are in the middle of an amazing phenomenon. Excitement about the Law of Attraction is sweeping the world. I'm seeing real people manifesting amazing things in their lives and the energy is staggering.

In the past couple of months, since I really got into this stuff and began to understand the LoA, I've experienced enormous change and healing in my life. My marriage has been transformed. I've cleared out years worth of garbage from my realtionships and my closets (no coincidence!). I have become a far better parent. I'm bursting with energy and excitement, and my professional life has undergone great improvement and change.

I'm part of an amazing online community too, and since January I've seen several women start exciting new businesses, one has discovered an hidden talent and written/producedpublished a book based on it in THREE WEEKS, several have manifested new jobs, moves, improved family situations and so on.

I want to get the word out. I want as many people as possible to experience the joy and healing I'm feeling. I've been keeping a journal of my experiences and will upload and add to them. I will also be posting useful links for all kinds of things related to the LoA, and emotional and spritiual health. I'm so excited to be sharing this with you!

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