Saturday, March 3, 2007

From the beginning....

Back at the beginning of January, I was in a dark place. Some cherished dreams seemed to have come to nothing, and our lives seemed to be full of stress. Although there was a lot of love in our house, there was also a lot of tension, misunderstanding and disappointment, which affected everyone.

But deep in my heart I knew something had to change. I said to myself that I would find the tools I needed. I didn't realize that I was already manifesting change in my life!

I had seen an online discussion about the movie The Secret. Originally I ignored it (to be honest, I hated the trailer), but then I took a closer look. I also had some interesting discussions with a friend who led what looked to me like a charmed life. She mentioned certain things which resonated with me. I began to rediscover some ideas that had previously had a great impact on my life (I'll post about that too at the right moment). I joined the online discussion at MDC (see below) and began to remember what I had learned years ago from the book "The Power of Positive Thinking", by Norman Vincent Peale. Light was beginning to shine from behind the clouds.

A few days later, realizing that something exciting was happening, I started writing a journal in MSword, so I'd have a record of this amazing journey. I'm going to upload it a bit at a time, starting here.

The first thing that went into it was the following set of affirmations, which I wrote when I began to understand the implications of the LoA.

I am so happy and grateful for the new spiritual freedom I am finding in my life, and the way it is positively impacting everyone in our family.

I am so happy and grateful that we are financially free, and have an abundance of money, so that we are able to have all the time we need to be together as a family, to follow our passions as much as we want, to travel wherever and whenever we want, and to spread this joy abundantly to other people in various ways.

I am so happy and grateful that dh’s health is great, that he is at his ideal weight, and that he is sleeping wonderfully every night and waking up refreshed and energized for his whole day.

I am so grateful and happy for my soulmate, dh, for the renewed joy, love and passion in our relationship, and for the great depth of our spiritual sharing, and for the many layers of connection between us that have become exponentially deeper with this newfound law of abundance, and for the things we share and teach each other.

I am so happy and grateful that ds's’s body, mind and soul are working together and enabling him to unfold and reach the potential of his wonderful gifts. I am so happy for the joy and inner calm that I see in his face. And as always, I am so happy for the wonderful gift of music that we share.

I am so happy and grateful that my Mom feels empowered and is building a happy, interesting and fulfilling life here with us, and that she is experiencing wonderful health and energy, inspiring learning and growth, joyful and fulfilling friendships, and spiritual centeredness.

I am so happy and grateful that we are living in an ideal house for us, surrounded by natural beauty and next to a pond or lake, full of light and natural light wood and beauty, and beautifully organized in a way that makes our lives flow smoothly.

I am so happy and grateful for my blessed little daughter, who has been welcomed with great joy by everyone in the family, and for the beautiful sibling relationship between her and ds.

I am so happy and grateful that I am able to share these blessings and help others to find their power, and that this beautiful energy also cycles round to us in an ever-increasing spiral of abundance.

I added:

I am so grateful and happy that I found these threads on , for the terrific people who are part of them, and for all that we are all learning from them!!!

(On the spirituality forum at MDC, there has been an explosion of energy! I will be posting links bit by bit to the resouces and sites that the awesome people there have created and collected.)

A few days after I posted those affirmations, I followed up with this:

IT'S WORKING!! IT'S WORKING!!!DH and I are reconnecting incredibly! We are talking about how to rebuild our lives, spiritually and financially.We are clearing up the house and I have a book on Feng Shui requested from the library. Dh about fell off his chair when I told him this - he's always considered me kind of the anti-Christ of feng shui (his words, but he wasn't far off the truth) but I told him we had to make room for all this abundance we're going to be getting. In the meantime we're claening up the air for ds's dust allergies.

I was amazed (and have continued to be) at the effects of consciously (rather than unconsciously) using the LoA!

OK, I will add more to this bit by bit!

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congratulations on getting the blog up! i can't wait to sit down an read your posts carefully.